So that just happened. What to do now?


What does confuzzled mean? Well it basically means being confused or having things that are a little muddled and not as clear as you would like.

I was sitting in the office brain storming with my business partner and we realized that there weren’t many good resources for tenants and landlords that made sense.


Our aim is to provide a resource that contains easy, simple to follow articles that are quick to read, concise and a little entertaining as well. We hope to help both sides get over some of the hurdles that come along with being in either role, a tenant or a landlord.


We saw an issue, so we decided with our many years in the business we could fix this problem and offer free advice to people in these roles. Feel free to search our articles and reach out with any questions or advice needed, who knows, the next blog could be for you!


Who we are


BJ McKellar is an entrepreneur and investor who owns and operates several businesses in the DC and Baltimore area. He has 15 years of real estate experience with a focus in property management for the past 8 years. He is a licensed real estate agent and property manager in the DC area. He has owned his own rental properties for 15 years.


Me – I’m the operations manager who takes the ideas of my wonderful partner and turns them into something that works. I currently live in Florida and travel as needed, but run everything from my home in Florida.